Cass & Adem: French Saloon, featured on Ivory Tribe

Cass & Adem: French Saloon, featured on Ivory Tribe


Wedding featured and written by Ivory Tribe;

Cass and Adem are no strangers to the wedding scene – the talented duo behind Blossom Daisy Creative were always destined to throw a celebration that stopped us in our tracks.

This sweet pair have known they were meant to be from the moment they met, and their wedding day was a perfect mix of elegance, romance, creativity and fun, all in honour of all that they have already shared.

In a nod to their European heritage, their selection of venue had a distinctive Euro-inspired feel, coupled with incredibly designed floral installations, candlelight, elegant fashions and an eye-catching neon boasting the inspirational motto of their day: “For The Lovers”.

Cass and Adem are a dream team, inside and out and their day, as captured by Andrew Hardy, is one to be remembered.


In Cass’ words…

The meeting.

We met at our local gym. It was May, 2014, and we went on a handful of ‘dates’ in Melbourne before we both headed to our pre-planned holidays to Europe. The night before Adem flew out, he asked me to be his girlfriend, which was a super cute moment as he was my first boyfriend! My parents invited him to join our family holiday in Greece after he was finished with his pre-planned travels, so after only a month of knowing one-another in Melbourne, he flew to Santorini and we shared our first date as an official couple watching the sunrise over the Caldera. Pretty magical. That moment is forever etched in my mind. We were both on cloud nine for a while (still are to be frank!)

The ‘one’.

We always talk about this moment, as we both had a feeling that we were soulmates when we first spoke to one another. Literally sparks flew, people around us felt it, there was something magical about our connection. A higher power led us to each other, and we discussed the significance of the moment on our first date a few weeks later!

The proposal.

In June 2016, we got engaged on our balcony in Santorini watching the sunset on the Caldera. Taking it back to our first ‘official’ date in Santorini two years prior, Adem chose to stay in the same hotel that we did back in 2014. Being such a special place for us, I had an inkling something was brewing… Adem really made an effort to make it a moment we will never forget. Over this particular holiday, we made friends that we are so close with to this day, they attended our wedding. Adem told them a few days before that he was going to propose to me when we got to Santorini, which was super cute when they told me afterward! The staff at the hotel made sure we were looked after all night and in the morning. So much fun getting engaged while on holiday! We also decided to keep it a secret for a little while, and only shared it with family while still on our holiday and told everyone else later. I couldn’t recommend this more!

The process.

It was an organic process that I did over time. After finding a venue that suited us best, I booked my suppliers in. It was a no-brainer working with the Cecilia Fox Team for my flowers, Marry Me Megan to marry us, and Steph of Staple Creative to help us style and bring it all together on the day! I studied photography with Andy our photographer, so I always knew I wanted to have him as our guy on the day, too!

For the lead up, I took the week-and-a-half of our wedding off, and Adem took the last couple of days off to assist me with the minor details. We had a few close friends and family come from interstate, so we actually hosted dinner parties at home most nights of the week leading up, and spent the days getting what needed to get done together.

I had a great system going with Steph as we were both planning our weddings a few months apart, and I actually photographed hers in October! All our catch ups were really fun, and productive. Megan went out of her way to ensure we were both in a good place with our vows and made us feel confident and assured when it was all finalised. Other than that, we didn’t want a bridal party, so I actually designed/organised everything myself. The planning process is really easy if you stay on top of it, create lists as the weeks/months pass, and get it done ahead of time so you can enjoy a few days of downtime together in the lead up.

Style inspiration.

Both having European backgrounds, and the fact that Europe has such a special significance to our story, we wanted a venue that had a euro-mood. French Saloon in Melbourne has that, and the staff of the venue are so wonderful. We loved the food and drinks on the night which our guests still talk about it today! I simply wanted the flowers to compliment the venue, and Mel and Chloe of Cecilia Fox really nailed the feeling of enchantment to perfection!!!

Giving your suppliers a ‘free’ brief is sooo important, because they are the professionals in the field. I wasn’t sure what flowers were in season and didn’t want to place any expectations in my mind. The flowers and candles really created the mood on the day, and it was all simply inspired by the bones of the venue itself! We also used my business “motto” which I use across all my branding…‘For The Lovers’ as our base and we got a neon sign of it made. Steph magically decided to place it outside after deciding last minute that it didn’t work inside… the sign enclosed the courtyard, and it really made the space feel a part of our wedding. My uncle created us a custom wishing well that also said ‘For The Lovers’, so I decided to make it the hashtag/theme of our wedding, kind of by accident!

The gown.

I went to a lot of amazing Melbourne bridal designers, most of which I am friends with. I found it really hard to find a dress that screamed ‘Cass’, I was confused and almost gave up on the search after being told I was leaving it pretty late. After a few days of appointments with my Mum, I decided to take a friend and head into the last ones on my list a few weeks later. Luckily, I went into Suzanne Harward on a whim, and I was drawn to a design that I had never seen before. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was what I wanted to marry Adem in. I could breathe, walk, dance and move so freely. I felt confident and sooo myself, which was the most important thing. I was nervous that I would get cold on the day (being in the middle of winter) however we had perfect weather! Suzanne Harward also created a custom designer wedding veil for me, as my dress had no train. I think the veil was the finishing touch that made me feel like a bride! Simple shoes and earrings were the only other things I wore which I found after shooting a commercial job buying them from my client thereafter!

Favourite moments.

I think the most memorable moment was the first time we saw one another. We decided to do a ‘First Look’ at our house, (we both got ready there). Adem got ready and hid downstairs until it was my turn to get into my dress. I was so nervous that he wouldn’t like me in my wedding dress, as he thought I would pick a princess-style gown. Our photographer set me up in the entryway, with Adem walking down the hallway. The moment Adem saw me, we both melted. Our family and best friends were at the top of the stairs watching it all unfold, it was so special.  Another that comes close was after the speeches, we did a few rounds of Greek and Bosnian dancing. At every family event we attended growing up, traditional dancing was a huge part of it. It was pretty special that everyone got involved (including our amazing grandparents) and we were sooo hot and sweaty when it was done. So good. I think the speaker almost blew!

Meaning of marriage.

Marriage means to become a family. Having a three-year engagement was a blessing! We had so much time to knock off things we wanted to achieve together and as individuals. By the time the wedding came along it just felt like the right moment to become a married couple. We can’t wait for what’s to come! Both being brought up as traditional Europeans, marriage is a big part of life, and it was something that was important to us from the moment we met.

Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Magic by Coldplay

Entry: Rock My World by Michael Jackson

First dance: You & I and John Legend

Funny stories (or near disasters).

Adem initially decided he didn’t want a wedding ring. Our designer, Rod Valenz and I have a close relationship, so of course my ring was organised months in advanced. I called Rod two weeks before our wedding and asked him if he could create a custom ring for Adem. Within a week we had gone in for a design appointment and thank goodness, we got it just a few days before our wedding day! Other than that, we also bought our first house just two months before our wedding, moved in a month before! Something I wouldn’t recommend to couples getting married! Adem worked really hard to ensure we furnished the house, and completely settled in before July. He did a great job, and it really showed in the photos!

On the day: One of my Pappous (grandpas) got his little point and shoot camera out and started snapping away with the flash on during the ceremony! We asked everyone for an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, and being him, he just disregarded it and snapped away (even got out of his chair to get different angles) so he could have some for himself! Pretty cute now in hindsight!

Planning surprises. 

Everyone said this to me, however I was still surprised at how time consuming it all is. Having Steph as my go-to did make it easier if I needed guidance on the order of events for the reception. However, I handled everything in the lead up, and it definitely takes a lot out of you. Especially during my own wedding season… Jan-June was a write-off to get anything done for our wedding! And throw in house hunting and moving into the mix! Crazy times!

Words of wisdom.

1 – Don’t forget to love each other. In moments of stress, we would just simply try to giggle it out, and just focus on other things in our lives. It’s really only one day, and there is no need to let it take up more time than is required. We’re both busy in our businesses, and the house move was a larger hurdle than the wedding planning. So, don’t forget to love each other and giggle it out.

2 – Do things your own way! We sure did. I have seen it all throughout my career, and I took what I loved from it, and designed our day to suit us best. Doing a ‘First Look’, or even getting ready together sure makes things untraditional. However, it also saves so much time later in the day! We got to enjoy the whole morning together in between makeup/hair/getting ready. Doing some portraits after our First Look was so special as we got an array of photographs we will cherish forever. We also went into the Ceremony together which made it less stressful, and more fun!


Ceremony and reception: French Saloon

Celebrant/Officiant: Marry Me Megan – Megan is really such a special person. I had never actually seen her officiate a wedding in person, but what drew me most to her was her energy and character. She was fun, professional and caring at all the right times. She did go above and beyond for us, and, she was also a person I connected with early on in my career as a Photographer.

Photography: Andrew Hardy – We adored our photos!

Styling: Steph, Staple Creative – Steph is a gem!!! I really enjoyed working with her, she was like my assistant that would reply to my silly questions whenever I needed some reassurance. She also went above and beyond on the week of the wedding and the day itself. Picking up everything, setting it all up so perfectly!! I highly recommend hiring a professional to manage the event for you, a stylist or planner is such a great investment.

Florist: Cecilia Fox – Mel and her team of gorgeous girls have been my friends since I first came into the Wedding Industry. Mel was the first person in the industry I worked with when I was only 22 years old! 5 years on, we have worked on amazing weddings together, she also did the flowers for our engagement party in 2016. She has watched me evolve into the photographer I am today and has given me so much knowledge and support throughout it all. Mel, Chloe (florist) and Chloe (admin/ace person) were three people that continued to spoil us in the lead up and of course on the day! I can’t commend them enough. I will never forget arriving and seeing the space for the first time, it was so enchanting and absolutely magical. They also created three different wedding bouquets for me, and I opted to hold the violets for the ceremony… every single detail was just above & beyond, and something we will never forget. They also arrived at the end of the night to bundle the flowers for our guests, we love them to bits.

Hair: Vim Hair Salon 

Make-up: Blush and Brows 

The Dress & Veil: Suzanne Harward 

Shoes: Mi Piaci 

Rings: Rod Valenz (custom) 

Menswear: Black Tie Classic 

Favours: Suga Mumma Bakes Custom Cookies – When I realised I forgot about bonbonniere, which is a really bad thing to do as a European, I called Natasha two weeks before the wedding. She created a custom cookie stamp with both our names, and hand painted our cookies for us to match our invites. She went above and beyond.

Stationery / Signage: Invites: State of Reverie and signage by us: Blossom Event Hire (our new company!)

Entertainment: Rutherford Entertainment 

Transport: Uber Max! We caught an Uber with our best friends from our place after we all got ready together. It was such a highlight!

Custom wishing well: Party With Us 

Honeymoon: Bali, nice and easy! Although, we do go on holidays all the time, so we have had a few honeymoons this year!

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