Style Edit: 11 jewellery must-haves to style with your gown

Style Edit: 11 jewellery must-haves to style with your gown

There truly is nothing like a woman who knows what she wants. Au contraire, women who usually know their personal style inside and out are indecisive when trying on wedding gowns online. Although we dress ourselves daily, the enormity of selecting the 'perfect' wedding look makes the task impossible. We theorise that the concept of wearing an all white, floor-length gown is too foreign for our casual society. Similarly, pairing your accessories to match can be difficult. Noticing the pattern, we've done the research for you. Click below styles to shop.

1 . Ditch the dangly earrings for a crown; LELET NY

Cool girl status? Confirmed. Extra credit for styling at the back above a low pony.

  2 . Inject pretty pastels in line with S/S 18 trends; Christie Nicolaides  

Summer's almost over in the southern hemisphere, but we're not ready to call it quits with our colour-crush. (SH Bride Anna via Madeline Druce)  

3 . Be a tastemaker and wear mis-matched earrings; Delfina Delettrez

Fendi descendant Delfina Delettrez '[likes her] pieces to have a classic feeling from far away, but when you approach you see it’s a contemporary piece. [She wants] to make pieces that reflect [her] attitudes to jewellery and [her] generation.' Spoken like a true artist. Quote via Matches Fashion  

4 . Keep it modern with a textured armlet; LELET NY

Simplicity with a twist. Editorial via Farewell Fiancé  

5 .  Bohemian luxe; Samantha Wills

Half classic, half whimsical. Silver drop earrings are a mainstay in our couture showroom, often well liked by women with Boho style influence.

6. Bond-girl boldness; Christie Nicolaides

No one pays homage to the eternal European summer like Christie Nicolaides. We are channeling starlet Ursula Andress in all her golden glory. SH bride Jess' earrings via Sam Jackson  

7. For the woman who has it all and knows less is bestMisuzi

For that effortless uptown-girl-elegance. You'll catch us heading out to dinner during NYBFW wearing Misuzi. *Fun fact: Misuzi is handmade in Melbourne, just like SH, earning quality credentials.  

8. For the traditionalist; Lucy Folk 

Lucy is not the designer we would usually label as 'traditional', though her Jewel of the Nile Studs have us coming back down to basics.  

9. Eclecticism for the Collingwood local; Natasha Schweitzer

The suburb Collingwood (where our couture studio is located) is identifiable for the quirky characters you'll see parading the streets. Not a day goes by that we don't see a modish woman in the area, tote bag in-hand wearing geometric hoops. We picture Australian designer Natasha Schweitzer's Alex Earring paired with our Galaxy 2.0 Gown.  

10. Techni-coloured dreams; Sarah & Sebastian

Ok, we admit, these ones are a splurge. The limited edition Sarah & Sebastian Prism Earrings are a statement piece that will always remind you of your day, plus you can wear them again. Our pick is to style them with the S/S 18 Utopia Gown.  

11. For the more-is-more bride; Viktoria Novak

You want to be unmistakably the bride by wearing a glamorous crown. You're spending $300 a head for 500 guests and need to stand out. This is the answer.

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