New Collection // MYSTIC MODE

New Collection // MYSTIC MODE

 There is strength in her spirit and power in her gaze. She has travelled through the ages, transported in time and space. Orbiting through darkness, the twilight leads her way.

The earth draws near and all is still, as if awaiting her return. As darkness gives way to light, she is captivating in her power and complexity, embracing her Mystic Mode.

She is ready to share her memories of far-off ancient worlds. With her magnetic gaze, you are captured by her radiance and inspiring presence.


Quartz Gown

Her magnetic gaze with leave you with clarity of thought and strength in your heart.

Diamond Gown

Equal in her beauty and strength, she is a rare sight to be seen.


Black Onyx Gown

A powerful protector, offering strength to all that surround her. 


White Sapphire Gown

There is strength in her spirit, and power in her gaze.

Moonstone Gown

Fiercely feminine, her power is awoken by the moonlit night knowing that darkness will give way to light.


Imperial Topaz Gown

She draws her strength from sun-drenched skies, casting a golden glow of prosperity. 

Pearl Gown

Submerged in the sea her beauty is born. Pulled from the depths her beauty is like no other. Unique and to be admired. 

 Black Opal Gown

Driven by her independent spirit, she will captivate you with all her power and complexity. 



Captivated by her warm gaze, she has altered your path in an instant, the shadows have lifted and your future is clear. 

For a private one-on-one consultation to shop this collection, click here to book an appointment at our Collingwood studio.

Mystic Mode editorial credits -

Model | Cassie Lapthorne @cassie_lapthorne

Photographer | Ren Pidgeon @renpidgeon

Photographer's assistant | Sarah Talaj 

Videographer | Scott Barker @cyanwolves  

Hair & Make Up | Ashleigh Richards @ash_hairandmakeup   




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New Collection // MYSTIC MODE