15 Florists to Follow on Instagram / via Farewell Fiancé

15 Florists to Follow on Instagram / via Farewell Fiancé

1. Doctor Cooper / @doctorcooper

Lisa Cooper's avant-garde arrangements are comparable to masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso. These extraordinary assortments of bold, bio-coloured specimens exude both expressionist and surrealist sensibilities. Cooper's use of texture and colour will have you perusing her feed for hours on end, resulting in your very own doctorate of philosophy in fine art.


2. Hermetica Flowers / @hermeticaflowers

If you're a local to the Darlinghurst area in Sydney's inner city, you might have noticed the shop front of Hermetica Flowers. Sheer sheaths of posies in all shapes and sizes frequently adorn co-owners, Jai Winnell and Edward Wests' windows. Their wonderfully unexpected and experimental philosophy is evident in their larger-than-life wedding installations and Instagram gallery too.


3. John Mangila / @johnmangila

Sydneysider John Mangila is a florist, stylist and photographer. While his feed may not be flourishing in flowers, Mangila explores the  fleeting attraction and fragility of nature and celebrates the hauntingly beautiful skeletons that remain behind. Through his personal depiction of beauty, Mangila seeks to revel in the darker side of mother nature.


4. Sarah Winward / @sarah_winward

Salt Lake City based floral designer Sarah Winward's work has been featured in Kinfolk and Martha Stewart. Inspired by natures variegated textures and change of seasons, her beautiful designs are fresh and clean, with all of the wild inconsistencies celebrated and kept in their organic form (plus cute-as-pie photos of her young family).

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5. Boutierre Girls / @boutierre_girls

Northern Sydney florist Emma Michelle Smith of Boutierre Girls has a penchant for blooms en masse. Brimming with zest and vigor, her Instagram showcases a creative aesthetic that is disciplined by a transfusion of colour. Afraid of loosing the beauty of each individual flower when mixed in large arrangements, Smith tends to combine only 3-5 flower variations.


6. Running Wild Florals / @runningwildflorals

Rich in colour and whimsical in character, this Southern Californian floral design studio derive beauty from the soft-hued fabrics of each individual flower. Creating peachy-cream nebula's of blossoming flowerets and contrasting their unique botanical filaments.


7. Ruby Mary Lennox / @ruby_marylennox

Berlin based, Ruby Barber from Mary Lennox's blooms are simply mind blowing. From cacti to floral cuttings her Instagram feed is a gallery of artistic efflorescence. With over 33k Instagram followers, Ruby Mary Lennox preserves a modern bohemian sentiment throughout her gallery. We dig it.


8. Soil and Steam / @soilandstem

Based in Utah, Nicole Land finds inspiration in her surroundings and her arrangements are an extension of her environment. Her designs billow with authenticity and her Instagram gallery is a culmination of romantic stems and moody textures.


9. BRRCH Floral / @brrch_floral

Since starting out in 2013 Brittany Asch has designed arrangements for the glossy pages of magazines and album covers alike and has been named by Vogue Magazine 'one of six florists to keep on call.' There's an otherworldly, intergalactic colour-wash consistency and presence in all of Brittany's vibrantly coloured bunches.


10. Munster Rose / @munsterrose

Crowned as a 'Top Florist' by Martha Stewart, Jackie Reisenauer of Munster Rose has garnered a minimum yet lush design finesse. The young creative is inclined to layer varying textures and unique foliage, in styles that are not too sculptured or 'put together'. Her Instagram is consistent in its aesthetic, a rambling earth-toned display of perfectly undone blooms.


11. Loose Leaf / @looseleaf_

Based in Melbourne's colourful inner city suburb of Collingwood, Loose Leaf know how to do greenery. From unbound bouquets, animated terrariums and floral chandeliers, the indoor plants nursery come fertile forest sanctuary, boasts an burgeoning feed of pretty petals and spinney ferns.


12. Moon Canyon / @mooncanyon

Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon reflects her proclivity for Spring and citrus hued arrangements through her social media platforms. Each bouquet betrays an English garden party softness, incorporating delicate garden roses, poppies and sweet peas. Caissie's impressive designs follow wildly romantic, asymmetrical molds.


13. The Wildflower Perth / @the_wildflower_perth

A personal revealing of art and nature shape Alicia's Instagram feed. There's a subtle juxtaposition to her aesthetic. A simultaneous pairing of tough and ethereal, unruly yet restrained arrangements that are predominantly photographed against a white backdrop. It's powerful and precariously peppy.


14. Mckenzie Powell Designs / @mckenzie_powell

Trained in graphic design, McKenzie seamlessly merges her appreciation and knowledge of design to the floral and event industry. Something so trivial as a piece of silk ribbon or a swatch of fabric fuel Powell's floral engineering.


15. Tribes N Pines / @tribesnpines

Located in Portland, self-taught designer Vanessa Schmidt's fresh aesthetic and feminine floral wreaths whisper enigmatic tales of Oregon's native woodlands. The young creative's predominately white and green assembly of images are a modish reflection of her day-to-day escapades.



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