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What is a Haute Couture Wedding Dress?

Haute couture is a French term that translates into “high fashion”. An apt description that describes the sumptuous designs and technical finesse unveiled in each one of Suzanne Harward’s ornate pieces. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress Hereafter, haute couture is an exclusive hand sewn process that is created exclusively for one individual and withstands today’s hunger for fast fashion and factory produced garments en masse. The meticulously detailed and labour-intensive process is an opportunity for designers to reveal their most innovative concepts employing advanced techniques and the utmost quality materials. In principal, for a designer to define their collections as haute couture wedding dress they must encompass forward thinking design and express a boundless sense of creativity. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress After four decades, Suzanne is credited with being the first couture designer in Australia who is still designing to this day. An artisan in dressmaking, Suzanne’s quintessential haute couture designs have molded the Australian bridal industry and continue to interpret the ambitions and desires of the contemporary fashion conscious bride. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress The label’s haute couture made-to-measure service is a ceremonial process and undeniably the DNA of Suzanne’s abounding success and design prowess. Working closely with the client, a gown is made, tacked and assembled from scratch ensuring it’s absolute inimitability. A sense of refined elegance and prudent consideration are invested in to each and every one of Suzanne’s wearable works of art. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress Signature silhouettes developed by Suzanne pay homage to the beauty of the female form and are offered in structured corseted styles for women who want to feel fully supported and organic deconstructed styles for those women who prefer the feeling of effortless freedom. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress You are personally invited to journey through our extensive couture range and customise your perfect haute couture gown, all while evolving into the most beautiful version of yourself for your wedding day. Please contact 03 8415 0688 to book your private appointment with a couture stylist. what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress what-is-a-haute-couture-wedding-dress
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