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Tastemaker: Food Styling For Your Big Day

Among other factors, your style of catering can set the tone for your wedding. Whether you prefer minimal cocktail-style canapés versus a fully set menu, we have scoured the Suzanne Harward media archives for food styling with proven success rate.
Pimp Your Pav Bursaria demonstrates cake styling at its best in this editorial directed by Ivory Tribe, featuring a pavlova station with optional add-ons; because even adults love a pick'n'mix.  Cultural Influence A set menu doesn't have to be en-masse. Create a bright theme and introduce influence from another cuisine by keeping it minimal, focusing on quality instead of quantity. No culture does this better than the French, as interpreted by Edward & Tea in their editorial Romantic Eloquence. Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out. Edward and Tea Soft Launch Edward and Tea Soft Launch Edward and Tea Soft Launch Share Plates: Buffet-Be-Gone Break-the-bread with your invitees and have share dishes instead of À la carte. Our bride Georgie chose caterers who designed the food for people to take from great variety as they pleased. SamGeorgina671 SamGeorgina673 copy SamGeorgina677 copy Designer Drinks Move on from the classic wine and spirits and provide personalisation. Fresh fruit and compotes took SH bride Genna's elegant prosecco table to new heights. R+G_LR_KP_0821 R+G_LR_KP_0834 R+G_LR_KP_0835 Grazing Cake It's hard to beat the ease of a Euro-style grazing table paired with wine. SH bride Stephanie stacked up assortments of cheese, creating a delicious savoury cake alternative. StephJoshLow-412StephJoshLow-181StephJoshLow-784
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