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Photography Profile: Blumenthal

Planning every aspect of a wedding without faux-pas can be daunting. At SH, we always find ourselves telling our brides-to-be to 'be the best version' of themselves - and everything else will fall into place. Whether it be the gown, the florist, the caterer or any other vendor that they are deciding on for their day, we find that the common denominator that helps them decide is generally the way that person feels about the experience with the supplier. When it comes to photography, our friends at Blumenthal are our go-to for any event. Their philosophy matches our belief that people always look better when they are natural and being themselves. Years of experience sets them apart from others in the industry. Blumenthal Photography offers their services over many Australian locations, with offices in South Yarra and Rose Bay in Sydney. Their team have covered multiple Suzanne Harward events, gliding around the room and effortlessly capturing the vibe. Soft, natural lighting are Blumethal's signature which helps them achieve beautiful imagery for each client. Book an appointment with Blumenthal or visit their website for more information on their services for your wedding.
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