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Editorial: Elegant Australia by Ivory Tribe

As featured on Ivory Tribe:   We are thrilled to show off our latest Ivory Tribe editorial, Elegant Australia. Inspired by upcoming Australia Day celebrations, and in a nod to our stunning sunburnt country, Elegant Australia was created with a Tribe of talent at golden hour, on a balmy, sun-kissed Summer night. Treated to stunning new venue, The Barn by Bursaria at Werribee Park, we were delighted by the slice of rural paradise nestled among it’s historic outbuildings. Full of character and warmth, The Barn creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxed soiree, and truly embodies the essence of Elegant Australia. The space heralds the rustic Australian nature and is rich in history and character. With bluestone buildings, original trusses, exposed brick, and barn doors, this little beauty is nestled within 100+ acres of picturesque landscape. With the Summer breeze sweeping through the surrounding gums, photographer Elk & Willow and videographers Burgess Video captured many breathtaking moments, while a simple, elongated table setting lined with low-lying native arrangements by The Gathering Florist and accompanied by classic timber cross-back chairs, complimented the raw surfaces and surrounds perfectly. Stylist, Wedding of Desire, skillfully layered textures of florals, linen and patterned crockery matched with metallic cutlery creating a calming, yet impressive tablescape. Stationery and signage by Paperlust completed the look with the focus on simple, classic and paired-back aesthetic; utilising complementary colour palettes and textures with bronzed highlights throughout. The barrel bar was the ideal setup for our Australiana celebration, dressed with cascading foliage, and the Australian flavour carried through with a lamington inspired martini and a menu boasting local produce and a deconstructed pavlova bar by the catering team of Bursaria. An impressive two-tiered tower of deliciousness, wrapped in detailed native flora by the talented team at Cake Ink was the perfect sweet statement. The bold and daring designs by Australian designer Suzanne Harward, worn by our model, Kirsten, created the perfect silhouettes and were elegantly accompanied by exquisite diamonds courtesy of Charles Rose. It was the perfect pairing to complete the luxe look, while the glowing bride’s natural features were enhanced with peach and bronzed hues by hair and makeup artist Cassandra de Bruin, further accentuating her healthy summer glow. As the evening drew to a close, and a gorgeous curtain of lighting threw a romantic golden glow across the elegant setting – we took a moment to be thankful – this really is the lucky country. elegantaus_ivorytribe-7elegantaus_ivorytribe-1elegantaus_ivorytribe-2elegantaus_ivorytribe-78elegantaus_ivorytribe-85elegantaus_ivorytribe-6elegantaus_ivorytribe-84elegantaus_ivorytribe-86elegantaus_ivorytribe-20elegantaus_ivorytribe-63elegantaus_ivorytribe-116elegantaus_ivorytribe-30elegantaus_ivorytribe-23elegantaus_ivorytribe-44elegantaus_ivorytribe-14elegantaus_ivorytribe-148elegantaus_ivorytribe-169elegantaus_ivorytribe-164elegantaus_ivorytribe-168elegantaus_ivorytribe-145elegantaus_ivorytribe-138elegantaus_ivorytribe-187elegantaus_ivorytribe-180elegantaus_ivorytribe-130elegantaus_ivorytribe-132elegantaus_ivorytribe-131elegantaus_ivorytribe-275elegantaus_ivorytribe-274elegantaus_ivorytribe-264elegantaus_ivorytribe-262elegantaus_ivorytribe-261elegantaus_ivorytribe-255elegantaus_ivorytribe-250elegantaus_ivorytribe-249elegantaus_ivorytribe-215elegantaus_ivorytribe-208elegantaus_ivorytribe-205elegantaus_ivorytribe-74elegantaus_ivorytribe-55elegantaus_ivorytribe-219elegantaus_ivorytribe-221 Save Save
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