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Editorial: Crystalline Dream by Farewell Fiancé

As featured on Farewell Fiancé: She makes a radical break with the past in search of new forms of emotive expression. Palm Springs is her desert oasis where she immerses herself in Mid-Century architectural surrounds. Everything that was once old is new again in her crystalline dream. Photographed by Sam Bisso.


Crystalline Dream is a creative collaboration between Farewell Fiancé and filmmaker James Cooper. Shot during Modernism Week in Palm Springs, this editorial is a celebration of the Modernist era and it’s philosophy of far reaching transformation. Special thanks to composer Harlan Hodges and sound mixer Ryan Todd Garza for the epic original score. Featuring fashion by Suzanne Harward, Odylyne the Ceremony, Grace Loves Lace, Delphine Manivet*, Otaduy*, Stone Cold Fox * (*Courtesy of Solstice Bride).
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