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5 wedding items worth investing in

When you’re planning a wedding and trying to adhere to a strict budget, it’s only natural to want to save money where you can. In this case, saving a few hundred dollars on one item to increase the amount you can spend on another makes perfect sense, however you also need to be sure that you’re investing money into the things that will make a difference to the outcome of the day. Before you start making any financial decisions, revisit your wedding budget and checklist and consider these 5 options to avoid channeling your money into areas where it won’t be well spent.

Your wedding dress

There are plenty of imitation couture bridal gowns out there - what they usually have in common is poor quality garment construction and low quality fabrics. They are usually made by self-proclaimed bridal designers and manufacturers who are not passionate or patient enough to study, learn and perfect their craft. There really is no comparison to the breathtaking wedding dresses which have been made with pure passion and expert technique; if you put these wedding dresses side by side, straight away you would notice, feel and see the difference. It’s impossible to put a price on feeling happy and comfortable in your gown and truly feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. If there is just one day in your life that you want to feel your most beautiful, it’s your wedding day. And we all know that with comfort comes an air of confidence and true beauty. It truly is a once in a lifetime (we hope!) experience so don’t be afraid to indulge by spending on an elegant wedding dress that you absolutely love.

Professional wedding photography

Once your wedding is over, the memories you’ve mentally collected will slowly start to fade - this is why beautiful wedding photography is an investment that is worth every cent. The results will speak for themselves and will always serve as a beautiful reminder of why photography is so important. It can be tempting to save on wedding photography, and while you might have a friend with an amazing camera, that doesn’t make them a great photographer. A professional wedding photographer is a true creative who will know exactly how to tell your unique story. They are skilled at capturing dramatic, unsung and intimate moments between you and your loved ones - happy tears, hands clasped tight, light streaming through the lace in your gown and intimate stolen glances - wedding photography is an art form that should always be left to the professionals who truly love, live and breathe it. There are some absolutely amazing photographers in the industry, and unfortunately, some really terrible ones as well. Do your research and be wary of photographers promoting their services at bargain prices, and avoid photographers whose main subjects are things like cars or wildlife. Our tip is to also have a second shooter, there’s a lot going on at any wedding, so it’s important to have another person on hand to capture everything.  We cannot stress how important it is to have an experienced wedding photographer whose style you absolutely love. Make sure they are experienced and know how to wrangle a crowd if you want a group shot. Imagine the disappointment after spending so much money on an amazing wedding and then being let down with a poor photographer who has missed capturing the magic of the day.

Wedding catering

If you’ve ever been to a wedding with an open bar and minimal food, you’ll understand the need for an extensive menu. While food is important at any event, at a wedding it’s pretty crucial. When it comes to looking after your guests, our rule of thumb is to spend the most money where your guests will be spending the most time, and that will probably be seated at their tables. So if you want your reception to feel like a lovely long dinner party, then invest in beautiful food and offer a high quality drop of wine. Remember to look for a caterer that takes his/her job seriously; anyone who has a passion for food will put time and thought into creating a lovely menu to keep your colourful guest list happy and full. Attend a tasting prior to your wedding so you are not let down by lack of flavor or poor presentation on the day of your wedding.  Your guests will all remember how good or bad the catering was so make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons.

Wedding bands (rings)

Probably not your first thought, but on a little more reflection, you might consider the fact that weddings bands are items of jewelry you’ll literally be wearing forever. They’re not just a symbol of your eternal love for one another, but a piece of jewelry that will also need to work in harmony with your everyday life, so it’s important to not just select wedding bands that you find beautiful, but also to ensure you’re purchasing something of high quality, comfort and durability.

Wedding flowers and bouquets

When it comes to flowers, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be closer to the truth. When you try to cut costs on flowers, more often than not, you will unfortunately find yourself with reduced choice, poorer quality and design work at the lower end of the scale. Spend a little more and you’ll find an expanding selection of flowers to choose from, less greenery used to plump-up your bouquets and a florist who will breathe life and fantasy into your special day. A good florist who has honed their technique with years of passion and precision will produce beautiful arrangements, floral decorations, installations and bouquets. If the idea of having gorgeous flowers that complement your event styling and the help of a professional who takes notice of composition, shape and form takes your fancy, then invest in a quality florist who will deliver. Large investments should always be considered and remember the age old adage that you get what you pay for - the higher cost often means better quality. Take the time to sit down with your partner and discuss what are the most important elements to you both to have at the wedding. Each couple will have different priorities and you should always focus your financial investment into the elements of the wedding that are most important to you.
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